Through outreach projects providing early intervention services to children with developmental delays and who are at risk for developmental delays using a consultative and collaborative approach, children will achieve their full potential, parents will be empowered in the care of their children with developmental delays, and the community will have increased awareness of early intervention.


Our goal  is to build a community of parents of children with disabilities.  We also aim to urge private and public stakeholders to form a volunteer task force to address opportunities for increasing awareness of and screening for developmental delay in kids.  

Developmental Assessments

We perform developmental assessments in underserved communities.   Our therapists and volunteers perform evaluations and assessments and develops a treatment plan and home programs.  We use the collaborative approach in care for the clients we serve.   

In addition, we provide training and education to rural community health workers and volunteers about developmental delays and early intervention screening and detection. 

Outreach Programs

We bring together local and foreign volunteers to contribute and help in our yearly outreach projects.   The projects are based on the needs of the community.  In the 2016, we partnered with the Liddle Kids Foundation, where they brought over 30 people to perform and teach families pediatric massage.   We also have occupational therapy students from University of Southern California and we built adaptive chairs for our beneficiaries using cardboard.  This year, we are partnering with the See The Lord Foundation and SHS-G Batch '93 Alumni for vision checks and provide children in Borbon eyeglasses so that see better and learn.  


In Construction: The EN/ability Village

Through the kindness of family and friends, we are able bring together some resources to build a village for children with special needs.  The facility is still in contraction.  Our founder/president is working hard to get this project off the ground.  Due to mishaps and other factors, we are unfortunately having some delays.    We are currently seeking for help in terms of volunteer, time, and other donations to get this project done.   We will keep you updated.  

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