Who Are We?

The EN/ability Project is an outreach program spearheaded by founders of Dynamic Pediatric Therapy whose goal is to provide services to the underserved children of Cebu.  They have informally started the outreach in March 2014.  To date, they have served municipalities of Borbon and Balamban, Cebu.

The prefix, en, in the general sense, means “to cause (a person or thing) to be in” the place, condition, or state named by the stem.  The prefix, EN was chosen as the aim of the projects is to cause and to enable abilities in children and their families in order to enhance and enrich their lives We aim to support and provide sustainable avenues in the forms of community awareness and education, partnerships with private and public stakeholders, as well as partnerships with foreign non-profit organizations and volunteers.   By increasing awareness on early intervention, detection and screening, developmental disabilities are prevented and we are enabling children to grow and develop to their full potential.

The mission of the En/ability Project is to “develop sustainable and cost effective programs to provide early detection and intervention for underserved children in Cebu Province who are at developmental risk, and to empower families in the care of their children with developmental delays”.

The vision of the project is:  Through outreach projects providing early intervention services to children with developmental delays and who are at risk for developmental delays using a consultative and collaborative approach, children will achieve their full potential, parents will be empowered in the care of their children with developmental delays, and the community will have increased awareness of early intervention.

Our goal also includes urging private and public stakeholders to form a volunteer task force to address opportunities for increasing awareness of and screening for developmental delay in kids.