Bourbon Awareness Outreach Program

June 14, 2015

Borbon Awareness Outreach Program June 14, 2015

borbon awareness june 2015

Last June 14, 2015 our team went to Borbon City to help kids with special needs. Our goal was to assess the kids, ask their guardians their goals for their kids, initial evaluation mostly on their history, document each eval and take pictures of each kid with our own little code, give them home exercise programs, give out food (Chickenjoy for the kiddos) snacks from Kambal Pandesal, Gift bags from Unilever and International Pharmaceutical Inc. and School supplies. With a good set of volunteers that came with us, we were very systematic and assessed 20 kids in a span of 3 hours.

EN/Ability Members:

Angel Briones
Berry Sepulveda Nikkel
Tisay Briones
Crista Toledo

EN/Ability Volunteers:

Alex Chua
Michelle Tanchan
Neil Harford
Alex Shearman
Michael Nikkel

EN/Ability Donors:

Jacqueline Tan
Carlo Sainz
Anya Unchuan
Erica Castillo
Rica Tamala
Marco Luis Garcia
Jia Limtong
Miki Villarica

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